New products


EDUP EP-N1557 is a 802.11n USB Wireless adapter, it adopt the Realtek8192CU and transfer rate could be 300Mbps. This product can bed used to computer, PSP, media player and other device which need the wireless application. Mini usb 300mbps wifi adapter can be settled to be an AP during installation so that can used to share the internet to other Wi-Fi device. The WPS button makes the encryption to be very convenient. With the AUTO-RUN CD, even novice user can install it very easy and quickly.


Programmable 5-1-1 day with 4 program periods per day. For heating and air conditioning systems. Large backlit display with menu driven programming. Soft-key controls. Shows room and set temperature. Exclusive Smart Response technology. Compatible with most electric, gas oil single stage furnaces, heat pumps without backup heat, heat only, and cool only furnaces. Will not work on electric baseboard heat. Precise temperature control +/- 1 F. Automatically switches from heat to cool to adjust the preheating/cooling of your home so you can feel comfortable at your programmed times. Battery powered. Approximate size: 3.75-Inch H. x 6-Inch W. x 1.25 W. Off-white. ENERGY STAR rated.