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Ridata 50Go Blu-Ray BD-R DL 6X Imprimables Jet d'Encre Pack 25

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  • Brand: RIDATA
  • Type: BD-R DL
  • High Quality Inkjet Printable's surface.
  • Use an anti-UV recording layer of highly reliable inorganic material.
  • Durable and stable for long-life data protection.
  • Hard Coat for scratch resistance.
  • Highly compatible with Blu-Ray drives.
  • Can record and play up to 260 minutes high definition video content. 
  • Compatible with Blu-Ray recordable format Version 1.2 high speed write-once Blu-Ray disc (double layer) 
  • Speed: 6X
  • Capacity: 50GB 
  • Packaging : 25pk Cake Box 
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